How to Choose the Right Online Degree

According to a recent poll conducted by the Claria Corporation, a top behavioral marketing firm, there are five main factors that influence a student’s decision on choosing an online college.

1. Flexibility of the Program

Students with busy lives are looking for a way to earn a college degree that works around their schedule and needs. Those with young children can attend classes while watching their children, employees looking advanced degrees can continue to work and attend classes, and the disabled can attend classes without having to deal with the logistics of getting to a campus.

2. Quality of Education

In the same Claria poll, students of online colleges believed they were receiving the same quality of education as their traditional campus counterparts. Prospective students should look at the school’s accreditation, research the credentials of professors, and interview current students to get a better idea of the quality of education you will receive.

3. Online College Accreditation

Online colleges are held to the same standards as traditional colleges and universities. The schools and institutions that meet the standards of providing a quality education are accredited by one of the six online education accrediting organizations. Earning a degree at an accredited institute is essential to be able to work in your chosen career field.

4. Financial Aid

Online colleges offer the same financial aid programs as traditional colleges. Get in contact with the financial aid office to find out what programs may be available for you. You can also visit to learn more about financial aid.

5. Overall Education Cost

Generally, online programs are less expensive than enrolling in a campus based school. Make sure to factor in the cost of books and materials into your calculations.